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Professional Loan Broker Certification Training in Class!

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Professional Loan Broker Certification Training in Class!

When you are accepted into our Network of Affiliates, you will begin attending our 2-day training and lender certification session where you will learn to complete Loan Consultants System. Our training is a masterpiece of adult education that can train anyone, without any prior background in loans or finance. This relaxed training session is the first of our many redundant methods that disclose our entire system and allow you to have backup for any questions that may arise in the operation of your new business.

Daily Affiliate Support & Guidance after Class!
When you leave our 2-day certification training, you will be able to start your business immediately. So what happens when your borrower calls you? We give you 14 telephone scripts for every type of loan and lease that will enable you to speak with any prospective borrower and sound like a seasoned professional. And if you still have questions, our Senior Loan Officers and your numerous Whole Sale Lender Reps will always be there with an answer. Answers are always just a phone call away for our Network of Business Finance Consultants or Certified Loan Brokers. By telephone, e-mail or fax, we are available five days a week for the life of your business at no additional cost. Our unique mentoring concept combines your desire to succeed with the knowledge of a seasoned professional. You are in business for yourself, but never alone!